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oh that weight thing!

Gotta go to the Doctor.   I hate it!  Not my doctor, love her.  But they always do the weigh ins.  We are former military so we go to a military facility.

The Corpsmen love having me come.  They review all my vitals, take the blood pressure, ask all sorts of quirky questions, then weigh me……Crap.

So before the appointment things to do.

1.  Go pee     That’s at least an ounce or two right?

2.  Remove your coat.  What it’s not winter

3.  Take those shoes off

4.  Get undressed or maybe not

5.  Stand on the scale by putting more pressure on one foot or the other….this will tip the scales

why can’t they just take my word for it?  Okay then, you asked for it.

What I’ve learned….take as much off as possible, or just eat less.


extended olive branches or being yourself

Sometimes as you go through life you encounter so many different people.  People from different cultures, people from different countries, and people from your own “backyard” so to speak.

I’ve always held the firm belief that everyone likes me.  That I’m a likable person.  Well, in my mind I’m all of these.  So I choose to believe that if someone doesn’t like me, then I must fix it.  I must extend an olive branch and apologize for, I don’t know, the weather.

And then the reality hits.  Not everyone is going to like me.  WHAT?  How can that be?  I try hard to find something good in everyone.  So turn about is fair and reasonable to believe, right?  Right!  Wrong….

Sometimes even as an adult I find myself living out episodes of Mean Girls.  Can this be true?  Adult women have problems with one another and decide that they just don’t like someone….Or another good one is, the girl in The Help.

You know the one that could never measure up on the social chain like Hilly.

As much as I’d like to say, we don’t act like these characters….sometimes we do.  And sometimes, despite everything that you say or do, extending an olive branch is never enough.

Hard pill to swallow.  You bet.  But in this long very eventful life I’ve lived.  I’ve learned many things.  One of which, I am Not responsible for what or how others treat me.

I am responsible for how I treat others.  So in the end….that’s what I’ve learned.